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solenoidally Pinpoint Aviation Solutions provides a highly specialised and customised risk and safety management service to the aerospace, medical and resource sectors.

Gūjar Khān Highly qualified and experienced consultants specialising in aviation and transport safety, risk, engineering and airline management, partner with clients to formulate and develop a strong safety culture at all levels of an organisation. This is achieved by embedding personnel to enhance existing safety related Policy and Procedures, train and mentor internal audit personnel, facilitate group-wide hazard identification, risk analysis and assist you to develop robust risk mitigation strategies.

Lier We provide rapid response teams to carry out on-site investigation into accidents or serious incidents and we train and mentor your personnel to investigate and gather data for less serious occurrences. We provide seasoned aircraft accident investigators as expert witnesses or to assist with litigation preparation.

rencontre femme voilГ©e pour mariage We provide experienced aerodrome inspection and maintenance teams to ensure facilities can meet the expected operational  demands. Our teams are qualified in assessing runway braking action, we have the latest test equipment for friction testing and can conduct surface restoration including removal of rubber build-up.

We provide International Air Transport Association (IATA) accredited Lead Auditors. In conjunction with our strategic partners (Osprey Asset Management Pty Ltd) we offer a range of business resilience, security and risk mitigation solutions for hostile environment.


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